Asker International School

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Application for Admission

At a glance
Asker International School opened in August 2013 within the municipality of Asker kommune. 
We currently have 8 grades and will be expanding vertically every year up to grade 10. The school offers the IB curriculum and we became an IB World School In Spring 2016. 

So far we have representation from over 30 nationalities within our school community and look forward to expanding this representation to create a truly international environment. 

Municipality of Asker
 Approximately 100km2 in size with almost 60,000 inhabitants, Asker is located on the outskirts of Oslo, just a 20-minute train ride from the city centre. With forests and hillsides on its verges, the coast to the south and the E18 motorway linking the capital to the south running through its centre, Asker provides the best of both worlds – access to a cultural hub, retreat to the surrounding nature.